Our Api uses OAuth2 to authenticate to endpoints.

Access is delegated to access tokens upon authentication, and the access_token as of the v3 API will not have an expiry time.

This may change in a future api version.


OAuth2 Authorize URL

OAuth2 Token URL

Using Access Tokens

Simply add the Authorization header to your HTTP request.

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>


Authorization: Bearer 10b56ef89e09702d4dda5860d9e5c37db0af44bcb7cb49d869be94438ad58294

Application Access Tokens

For ease of use, we have provided an Application Access Token. This grants you access to the API without having to have users OAuth into your application.

Cause Endpoints

Some cause endpoints require additional authorization to use but will return forbidden if the access level is not granted by the used token.

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